The time has finally come that I have decided to create a blog and share my knowledge and passion for health and nutiriton with the world.

So who am I …?

I have been passionate about health and nutrition all my life. Growing up with my parents both being strong health advocates and owning a health food store I now realise that I have been extremely privileged throughout my upbringing. I have always been health conscious however since leaving school in 2007 my passion has grown and I have found the direction I want to pursue.

I am currently in my final year of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia. The course has been a wild experience and I have learnt a lot of both what to do and what not to. Coming from my upbringing I have always taken the alternative health approach being as organic, natural and health conscious as possible. So, undertaking a mainstream course has been quite a challenge! I have become quite good at voicing my opinion and questioning everything. At other times I have learnt to be very open minded and keep my mouth closed at appropriate times.  Being in my final year is extremely exciting as I can’t wait to be out there putting a new edge on dietetics and going beyond the books.

I hope you enjoy my posts and I inspire you to love your health

Warm wishes


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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hey ya,

    Just have to say I love your instagram and your website. I’ve just learnt heaps thank you.

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