Feeling depressed…….Do you drink this?

New research recently released by the National Institutes of Health found a link between hugely popular ‘diet’ soft drink beverages and depression.

Their study followed more than 260,000 people. Researchers tracked their beverage consumption for a year. They followed up ten years later. And the results are scary…

Those who drank more than four servings of diet soft drinks per day had a 30 percent higher risk ofdeveloping depression.

Not regular soft drink. ‘Diet’ soft drinks…It’s one of greatest deceiving cons in modern history.  Diet soft drink is the better, healthier choice—reduced calories…less sugar…less sodium…

So they say, but according to research now there is evidence to prove that, “the risk appeared to be greater for people who drank diet [rather] than regular soft drink.” The research blames artificial sweeteners.

This isn’t the first time soft drink, diet soft drink, and artificial sweeteners have been studied.

Dr. H.J. Roberts has labeled the term “aspartame disease.”2 He delivered a report that discussed over 1,000 negative reactions to the artificial sweetener. Some symptoms include headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, memory loss, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and even lupus. And of course depression was listed.

A study out of Ohio studied the effects of aspartame and depression.3 Forty patients enrolled in the study. Researchers gave subjects 30 mg of the sweetener daily for seven days. The Institutional Review Board halted the project after just 13 patients completed the study. The aspartame caused such severe side effects the review board considered it unsafe to continue.

Don’t let the soft drink industry fool you either by claiming their beverage now contains Splenda, “a healthier alternative.” Splenda has its own issues. It contains a compound known as sucralose which has been strongly linked to similar side effects including pH imbalances and digestive disorders.

You have to wonder…is it really worth the risk? There are far better drink choices. And if you are one of the many that grab the caffeinated beverage for a pick-me-up, opt for coffee, but make sure you don’t add any artificial sweeteners to your cup of coffee!

The best ‘alternative’ of all is just plain water. If you’re feeling sluggish, you’ll be surprised how water can boost your energy. No calories, no sugar, no neurotoxins. Diet or not I recommend you avoid all soft drink to improve your health!


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2 thoughts on “Feeling depressed…….Do you drink this?

  1. Great article sweetheart. It makes you wonder how many misdiagnosed people are walking around believing that they have been labelled with M.S, Alzeimer’s when they really aspartame poisoned & toxic. Great news is that it can be reversed & their health can be improved dramatically by making a few simple changes in the diet.
    Keep up your great info & blog. You are touching so many people. Love Mum

  2. Coca-Cola really needs to consider using Stevia to sweeten their diet drinks instead of aspartame. At least have it as an option. For now I drink Zevia sold at Whole Foods.

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