5 Reasons Why I Love Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), I’ve been drinking it since I was a small child and absolutely love it! It was the first thing my Mother gave me for a sore throat or an upset stomach. Nowadays I always try to incorporate it into my daily routine whether it’s in salad dressings,  diluted in my water bottle or straight off the spoon. It’s taste is not for everyone I suppose but I guarantee its benefits are worth it.

From looking and feeling younger to helping to fight cancer… here are 5 reasons to start using ACV more often:

1. Controls Blood Sugar
Studies have shown that consuming ACV with high GI foods such as breads and pastas showed significantly lower blood glucose responses by up 31%.  Incase you forgot – high GI foods usually cause blood glucose levels to spike. I guess this means that adding ACV to healthy foods could be even more effective! It is thought that the reason ACV does this is due its naturally occurring compound acetic acid increasing the amount of glucose absorbed by the muscle tissue. This means that less glucose enters your blood stream and it may even reduce your risk of diabetes.

2. Improve Digestion
Drinking ACV in water can naturally help improve digestion. Take a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water approximately 15 minuets before a meal to help activate digestive juices and improve the breakdown of foods. Taking this concoction regularly prior to meals is believed to help balance stomach acid thus reducing heartburn, bloating, gas and soothing the entire gastrointestinal tract.

3. Boost the Immune System
Your intestinal flora also known as ‘the good/bad bugs in your gut’ combats for about 80% of your immune system. So it makes sense that improving the conditions in your intestinal tract with ACV improves your immunity by encouraging the growth of good bacteria. The naturally occurring compound in ACV malic acid is also known to be a strong antiviral.

4. Helps Fight Cancer Cells
There are limited studies in the area of ACV and cancer however there are some positive results suggesting that ACV can help prevent cancer and a few laboratory studies have shown that it may be able to kill cancer cells or slow their growth. It has been found that by adding ACV to your drinking water it can decrease colon cancer and sarcoma (a cancer of the connective tissue). Other studies have also shown that vinegar inhibits the rapid reproduction of human cancer cells and shown significant benefits of reduced risk of oesophageal cancer. 

5. Treats Injury
ACV can be used for just about anything, you can even use it to help treat burns and other topical wounds due to its antimicrobial properties.  In studies it has even shown to speed up tissue repair and speed up muscle recovery after moderate exercise so you might want to take it to the gym! It has also shown to reduce joint pain and it is believed that using ACV on a regular basis may just keep you active.

The good news is that ACV is readily available at most supermarkets, grocers and health food stores. Just remember that they are not all equal so be sure to use a raw, organic, unfiltered (‘with the mother’) and unpasteurised variety.